Following on from years of Sonya and Jessica working as an Interior Designers and Stylists, curating people’s homes, large property developments and photography styling. The pair joined forces creating a dynamic duo as a one stop shop.

Jessica and Sonya are the Co -Founders and Directors of Design Eleven Co. with a combined 20 years of styling and design experience. Working alongside a team who align with their values and passion for great service and design.

DEC subscribe to the importance of properly proportioned design and details, partnered always with a carefully curated collection of furniture.

Design eleven co. is committed to harness the power of design to give back. Creating memorable spaces that are also the creation of compelling experiences. We actively pursue opportunities through the design experience as a catalyst to connect people in the community in a meaningful way.

Now, what’s next? Due to the increasing enquiry on their styling homewares and furniture. DEC are are collaborating with the brands they love and launching “STORE ELEVEN” an online shop where anyone can access the styling items they have seen in our styled homes and inspiration on how to put it all together in one place.